Chopsuey with Misua noodles


Chopsuey was one of the cuisine that we adapted from the Chinese when they started migrating in the Philippines. The Filipinos was introduced to their cuisines as well and start combining the usual Filipino dishes with the Chinese twist. Variation of noodles are some of the things the Filipinos love to eat especially during special occasions or even as a snack. I hope you will enjoy munching on this Chopsuey with Misua noodles recipe.


-1 medium Sliced red onion

-3-5 cloves of garlic

-Chicken liver (depends on how much you want)

-Squid balls

-1 small bell pepper

– 1 small-medium carrot

-1 packet of Misua noodles that you can buy from the wet market for only 20 pesos

-Chopsuey veggie mix worth 25 pesos (consists of cabbage, chayote, celery

-Salt and pepper

-Sesame oil

-Soy sauce

-Fish sauce


  1. Saute the onion and garlic
  2. Mix in the chicken liver
  3. Add soy sauce about 5-10 tbsp
  4. Add some water just enough for the chicken liver not to dry out
  5. Cover it with the lid and let it cook for about 5 minutes
  6. Add the squid balls and stir fry it for another 3 minutes or until the squid balls are fully cooked
  7. Add all the remaining vegetables and stir it
  8. Add about 5 tbsp of soy sauce and 3-5 tbsp of fish sauce
  9. Put 1/4 cup of water
  10. Drop the Misua noodles
  11. If the noodles are getting too dry add a little more water
  12. Season with salt and pepper
  13. When everything is cooked, mix 1 tbsp of sesame oil and mix thoroughly
  14. Serve while it’s hot



SERVES: 2-3 Persons

This is an easy recipe to make and very affordable too. Not only that, since it consists of different vegetables, it’s very healthy too! Please like and share this simple Chopsuey with misua noodles recipe. Thank you!






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